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The Jackal, ch.1

Title:  The Jackal

Author: A.T108

Rating:  PG-13 (m/m, sexual content, and Bans always lovely language. )

Fandom/Paring: GetBackers,  Ban/Akabane

Warnings/ Spoilers: None

Disclaimer:  I don't own The GetBackers.

Summary:  Ban loves Akabane more than life it’s self and would stay with him until death do they part. Only now he cant. When Ban receives a visit from Kagami, who threatens the life of his lover, what will he do. What can he do. Ban is torn between keeping his lover with him and keeping his lover alive. But little does Kagami know that when you ruin a strictly sound foundation, the clasp of the building is sometimes only the beginning. In this case a once dormant evil is awakened by his tampering, and Akabane can’t yet control it.



Ban lay in the bed, staring at the ceiling lost in a sea of thoughts. His lover slept soundly beside him, his head resting in the crook of Bans neck. Only the subtle rise and fall of his lovers body indicted that he was still breathing. During the beginning of their relationship the Jackals quite movements and soundless lifestyle took some major getting used to. On one occasion Ban actually thought Akabane had quite breathing and he almost had two scapulas implanted into his chest instead of one, not that Akabane meant to of course. He'd been startled after all. Ban smiled fondly at the memory, he couldn't help but laugh at it.
Ban was tour form his thoughts when Akabane raised his head. Purple eyes only half, if even that, way open. The soft lavender that usually occupied the area was now replaced with a deep violet instead. His hair laid in his eyes and whipped out around his head in a mess of tangled ebony, while confusion and drowsiness made up his sleepily expression. Ban had to fight tooth and nail to keep from laughing at his lover and to keep the 'awww' from escaping his lips as well. Ban had to admit it, Akabane was absolutely adorable when he first woke up, even if he was sometimes not happy.

"Hey sleepily head." Ban said rolling over to look his partner in the eyes, that were coming closer and closer to being closed again. 

Much to Bans surprise Akabane answered with a soft sneeze. His nose wrinkled and he sneezed again. This time Ban lost the internal fight not to laugh. He burst out into a fit laughter and Akabane, who was still half way asleep didn't get the joke.

Finally he spoke. "Midou-kun, what's so funny?" he asked his words slightly slurred from sleep.

"Oh, nothing Kuroudo-kun." he chuckled, taking Akabane into his arms and stroking his soft mane.

 Akabane let out a jaw cracking yawn and stretched a stretch that would put a feline to shame.

"You plan on sleeping all day Kuroudo?" Ban asked brushing the tangles of hair with his long fingers.

"Yes." Akabane answered, Ban could tell he was starting to wake now. His soft voice was now its normal sarcastic tone.

"Well you can't because we have to go on a job to day." Ban said.

Akabane awoke completely, remembering the assignment Hevan had given him, Ban, and Ginji. Himiko wasn't able to come for she had another job that had called her away. Akabane yawned again and climbed over to lay down on top of Ban. He let out a grunt as the weight of his lover settled its self on top of him.

"What do you plan to do, squish me to death so you can sleep in." Ban said intertwining his fingers and resting his hands on Akabanes bare back.

"Of course not Midou-kun, I plan to squish you and then take all of the money we'll earn on this trip for myself." Akabane said giving Ban a smug grin.

"Like hell you will!" Ban said and he thrust forward throwing Akabane off and onto the floor. 'The floor was a plus.' Ban thought as he laughed at the two legs that still laid on the bed.

"Ow!" Akabane said trying his hardest to get up. 

But he had fallen in between the wall and the bed where space was a non existent thing. Oh how Ban laughed at his Jackal for being stuck. He ran off the bed and grabbed the camera, and much to Akabanes displeasure took a picture of him in a squished up ball of blankets and limbs. Probably for blackmail. Akabane struggled some more but to no avail.
"Midou-kun help me." his lover begged and finally, after Ban wiped his  tears away, helped his lover out of the crack. 

Akabanes rebuke for that little shenanigan was to pin Ban to the wall and hold him hostage, or parts of him anyway. Akabane smiled pure poison at Ban and leaned in to give him a kiss. Then with the flick of Jackals wrist Ban heard fabric being torn and he looked down to his shorts. Their right between his legs in lovely cursive writing Akabane had put, "Jackal was here!". Ban felt a swoosh of air, then when he heard a click and saw a flash of bright light he knew Kuroudo had taken a picture. He stared at his lover for a few moments.

"Fair is fair Midou-kun," Akabane touched a finger to his chin thoughtfully, tapping it lightly "Plus it is true." he said laughing lightly.

Ban let a soft laugh bubble up from his throat as his walked over to Akabane.

"Yes it is." Ban said planting a soft kiss on Akabanes cheek. 

 Akabane went rigid when Ban started trailing his finger up and down his back. Then Ban left the soft cheek and started to his lovers pale neck. Akabane let a sigh escape his lips as he brought up a hand and ran it through Bans hair. Ban smiled at his reaction. Just the simplest of gestures could being Jackal to his knees before Ban. But when Bans libido made a surprise appearance he drew back. They had work in an hour and sex, well their sex took much, much longer than an hour. Akabane let a disappointed sigh flow fourth. Another thing Ban had discovered about Akabane was that he had a very active libido, about as active as Bans. Almost. To many Ban would be considered a sex fiend or a man whore, but to Akabane he was a wonderful lay. Ban also thought the same of his

"Why stop." Akabane said taking Ban in a hug.

"Because we have work today, in one hour remember." Ban said taking a hand and running it though Akabanes hair.

"You do this to me on purpose don't you?" Akabane asked mock sternness in his voice.

"It would be a boring world if I didn't." Ban said, kissing his Jackals forehead.

"True, but it would be an even more interesting world if you always started what you finished." Akabane taunted, turning and heading toward the bathroom.

"Going to take a bath?" Ban called to his lover after a moment.

"Yes darling, would you like to join me." Kuroudo offered, Ban quickly obliged.

Ban walked into a tiny burst of steam when he opened the door. He took of his cloths and tossed them to the floor, while Akabanes sat neatly folded on a stool. Ban laid his glasses on the sink and got in, Akabane was in the middle of washing his hair. The white suds ran down his pale back and legs, down his chest and abdomen, and finally into the always awaiting drain. Ban moved under the spray of water and wet himself as well. He blinked back the water that ran in his eyes and looked at his lover. Ban smiled when he saw just how riled up he'd gotten his Jackal. Akabane finished rinsing his hair and looked at Ban, cocking an eyebrow at his grin.

"What?" he asked following Bans gaze. "Not funny Midou-kun." he said dryly.

"What," Ban said taking a step toward his lover. "I didn't say anything." 

Ban wrapped an arm around Akabanes waist and pulled him  in for a kiss, fisting his hand though the long wet ebony, as his lover repeated the same jester in his hair. Ban held back a smile when Akabane opened his mouth to allow Ban entrance when he hadn't even asked for it. But Ban took him up on his offer and slipped his tongue inside to taste his lover. He swallowed a moan from Kuroudo and was finding himself more aroused by the second. He noticed Akabanes now quickened breathing along with his own and his rising want to pin his Jackal to the floor of the bath tub. Akabane noted this and decided that they could by late for work today and made the first move, he softly kneed his partner and Ban's libido finally won over his want of money. He whirled Akabane around and pined him to the wall. Moving his kisses from Akabanes mouth to his neck, pausing to nip a pale earlobe. Akabane chuckled and ran his hands over his lovers chest, Ban responded in a growl as he licked his way back up Akabanes mouth. He kissed him again and took Kuroudo's lower lip in his mouth, sucking firmly on the pale flesh.

'Oh shit.' Ban thought when Akabanes pulled his lower lip from Bans mouth and his pearly white teeth came to clamp down on his adams apple a little rough, but not to rough. Akabanes way of giving a love bit. Ban froze, letting Akabane have this brief moment of dominance. He never let it get to far though. He was not about to take a few scapulas' in the back, or anywhere else for that matter, just because he had a dominance and sex crazed Jackal on his hands.

"Easy Jackal, play nice." Ban said in a husky growl.

Akabane let go of Bans throat and ran a pink tongue over the bitten area. "W-what about work?" Akabane teased on a breathy whisper.

"Shut up." Ban mumbled taking Akabane back into a kiss.

Akabane let a moan escape his lips as Ban tended to him. Ban smiled as his lover writhed against the wall moaning and crying with pleasure. But Ban was equally as happy when Akabane returned the favor. Then they went further in their pleasure and a while later reached climax. Ban grabbed his shaking lover as he slumped against him, breathing harshly, his dark hair clinging to his face as he rested it on Bans chest. He listened to his heart beat, quick at first but then slow after a moment of stillness. Slowly they regained the ability to walk and Ban turned off the shower. He helped Akabane out and dried him. He handed him his cloths as he started the same cycle on himself. Ban left the bathroom, got his pants and put them on. Akabanes soft laughter drew his attention.

"What?" he asked placing his glasses in their usual spot.

"The clock." Akabane said pointing a white gloved figure at the said object.
They were three hours late.

"Ah hell, Hevans gonna kill me." Ban drawled.

Then Ban felt Akabane's arms around him, holding him tight. "No, no - that's my job darling." Akabane sweetly whispered in his ear.

"Oh, now I fill safe." Ban said wrapping Akabane in his arms and cradling him. 

They stayed like that for a few minutes, but when Bans phone started buzzing furiously he let go and went to it. He was greeted by a squawking Hevan, who was so loud in fact that Akabane heard her all the way across the room.

"Hevan, I swear if you don't stop yelling in my ear I will snakebite you through this phone." Ban growled as he held the tiny device several inches from his ear.

The noise lessened concertedly. Akabane smiled and went to the kitchen, then he heard Ban scream at Hevan, for what he'd soon find out. He was surprised however when a small object came flying out of the bedroom, through the living room and into the kitchen. It would have hit Akabane in the face had he not caught it in time. Then Ban came next, yelling and cursing at the top of his lungs.

"Screw that big boobed, blond headed bitch to hell!" Ban yelled throwing his arms in the air in his displeasure.

"What's the matter?" Akabane asked laying the cell phone on the counter.

"Hevan's taking half the pay for herself because we're late!" he screeched.

"Would you be happy if I went and talked to her." Akabane said getting out a bottle of wine that needed finishing.

"Ya, and put some sharpies in for good measure why don't ya." Ban said getting two glasses out of the cabinet. 

Akabane filled them and sat at the table, he took a long drink and smiled. "Of course."
Ban then held up his cup in gesture of a toast. "To Hevans hopefully very short and sexless life." Ban mumbled as he downed the drink in one gulp.

"Cheers." Akabane laughed.


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