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The Jackal, ch.2
February 9th, 12:45
Title:  The Jackal Ch.2

Author: A.T108

Rating:  PG (m/m, tiny amount of blood, and cursing. )

Fandom/Paring: GetBackers,  Ban/Akabane

Warnings/ Spoilers: None

Disclaimer:  I don't own The GetBackers.

Summary:  Ban loves Akabane more than life it’s self and would stay with him until death do they part. Only now he cant. When Ban receives a visit from Kagami, who threatens the life of his lover, what will he do. What can he do. Ban is torn between keeping his lover with him and keeping his lover alive. But little does Kagami know that when you ruin a strictly sound foundation, the clasp of the building is sometimes only the beginning. In this case a once dormant evil is awakened by his tampering, and Akabane can’t yet control it.




Ban gasped for breath as he emerged on the waters surface. He scanned the waters and finally found what he was looking for. Ginji waited at the dock, jumping and waving for him. He swam toward his partner and let himself be helped on the dock. He plopped down onto his back gasping for air and his body gave into the pressures it’d been under. He moved his tired eyes to Ginji, who looked worried, and opened a hand. Their, in his open palm, laid the object of their objective. A beautiful solid gold necklace, with the biggest blood red ruby anyone had ever seen in a necklace.

“W-where’s Akabane?” Ban asked on a breath, smiling at his partners delight at having found the object.

Ginji’s smile faded. “Um I’m not sure, when you dived under we got attacked and Akabane led them off.”

As if on cue blood curdling screams echoed through the air, sending chills running down Ban and Ginji’s spines. But Ban heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the owners of the screams scramble from an abandoned warehouse. Ginji smiled and gave a laugh of delight at the sight of living humans. Ban got up and started to the car, only to stumble. His legs were like jelly and worked about as well, before he could fall though, he felt a familiar arm around his waist and another dragging his arm across a slender neck. Ban smiled and leaned into Akabane, letting him support both their weight. Akabane granted him a soft chuckle and they all started to the car.

“My my Midou-kun, pushed over selves have we.” Akabane said, smugness coating his voice.

“Hey we’re getting two-thousand form that crazy gypsy, why complain.” Ban said letting himself be helped in the car.

“Yes,” Akabane said walking around the car to the drivers side and climbing in back. “Um, can Ginji-kun drive?” he asked looking at Ban then to Ginji.

“Nope.” Ban said getting comfortable.

“It’s alright Akabane-san, it can’t be that hard.” Ginji chimed getting in.

“You will pay for everything that happens to this car, do you understand.” Ban said popping open a brilliant blue eye he’d just closed.

“Yup.” Ginji said with a smile.

“Why aren’t you driving Midou-kun?” Akabane asked, putting his seatbelt secularly around himself.

“Because my ankle is busted, I’m about to pass out and,” he paused holding up the necklace. “We have money so Ginji can drive and pay for all the damages.”

“Oh.” was the soft, simple reply.

“Don’t worry he can’t be that bad.” Ban said turning and smiling at his Jackal, seeming confident in his partner.


“GINJI PULL OVER NOW!” Ban screeched at the top of his lungs.

Now, Ban was in a rather strange position, he much resembled Spiderman perched on a building, watching over the cities inhabits. His bad ankle and hand were perched on the little bugs window, while the other hand clutched the roof of the vehicle and his good foot planted was planted on side of Ginji’s chair. His backed arched and rested at the ceiling of the bug, his seat empty. Akabane however, was in a different position. He looked like he was caught in a wind tunnel ready to give birth, his arms stretched out from his body laying flat against the back seat. Both of his feet planted firmly onto the backs of Ban and Ginjis seats as his hat rested upon his head in a mashed up mess from being smashed into backseat.

“I-I-I,” Ginji yelled. “ I think the breaks are gone!” he wailed.

“BAN MIDOU THIS IS YOUR FAULT!” Akabane screamed as Ginji swerved out of the way of a huge eight-teen wheeler just in time.

“SHUT UP KUROUDO!” Ban hissed. “GINJI LOOK OUT FOR THE KID! THE DOG GINJI THE DOG, TURN RIGHT!” Ban instructed, hysterics couldn’t even begin to cover it.

“RED LIGHT, RED LIGHT!” Akabane screamed, covering his face with his hands.

Ginji tried slamming on the brakes, they really were gone.


Akabane screamed and Ban did a swift turn and jumped in the back seat landing on his lover. Just then a fruit stand appeared quit literally, from nowhere and a small foreign man with a large black mustache looked at them and cocked a bushy black eyebrow. Ban and Akabane screamed in harmony and took each other in their arms.

“OH MY GOODNESS WE’RE GOING TO DIE!” Akabane screeched.

“GINJI IF I DIE I’M GONNA KILL YOUR SORRY ASS!” Ban yelled as he buried his face in the ebony that was Akabane’s hair.

“I LOVE YOU MIDOU-KUN!” Akabane said, for death seemed so close.

“I LOVE YOU TO KUROUDO!” Ban said, not looking to see Ginji take out the fruit man.

“I JUST HIT THE FURIT MAN, THERES WATERMELLO ALL OVER THE WIND SHILED! I CAN‘T SEE!” Ginji cried turning to look at Ban and Akabane, leaving the steering wheel in fates hands.


Akabane lost consciousness.


Apart from a very sticky windshield and a new licenses plat so no one would recognize them, the little Betel Bug came out of the fiasco unharmed. Ban and Akabane however were not so lucky. Ban had vomited, wouldn’t stop shaking, and had almost peed his pants during the drive back, not to mention the hospital staff that wrapped his ankle thought him insane. Akabane was still out cold and Ginji had to carry him into his and Ban’s apartment, but even in his unconsciousness state he was trembling all over. Ban told Ginji to lay Akabane down on the couch and hang up his hat. Ginji did as he was told and went to sit at the kitchen table with Ban.

“Gee Ban I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to.” he apologized.

“Don’t worry about it,” Ban said giving a violent shake at the harrowing memory. “I have to admit, you hitting that fruit man was pretty funny, even if I was to busy shitting my pants to laugh at the time.” Ban said a small smile playing at his lips.

“Ban-chan that’s not funny, I could really have hurt that guy!” Ginji squeaked.

“Na, I saw em’ rebound off the hood, your good. Not to mention,” Ban said throwing a thumb in Akabanes direction. “You made ol’ Jackal here faint like a girl who got a zit the first day of high school.” Ban laughed getting up. “That reminds me.” he said taking out his phone and going to the living room.

Ban took several photos and snapped his phone shut when the Jackals eyes fluttered open.

“Ban-kun, I think I just had the most peculiar nightmare.” he said placing a gloved hand on his forehead.

“Na,” said Ban sitting down beside Akabane. “Ginji almost killing us wasn’t a nightmare, it was the real deal.” he said brushing a thin piece of hair out of violet eyes.

“A-Akabane-san - I’m really sorry. Please. . .please don’t k- ki - kill m-me.” Ginji said entering the living room, starching the back of his neck nervously.

“Oh, Ginji-kun.” Akabane said looking at him a small smile forming. “It wasn’t your fault.”

“Oh-uh, well,” Ginji stammered. “Oh look at the time, gotta run.” he said giving them a quick wave and bolting from the apartment.

Ban laughed and laid down with Akabane, squeezing himself between the back of the couch and Akabane’s back. His Jackal sighed.

“Ban-kun.” he said.

“Ya, Kuroudo-kun.” he said resting a hand on Akabane’s waist.

“Never let Ginji-kun drive again, broken ankle or no.” Akabane said, pure ice in his voice.

“Never.” Ban chuckled. Taking a hand and running it through the soft raven locks.

“How’s your ankle?” Akabane asked.

“They have me so doped up on pain killers I can’t fill a thing.” Ban laughed.

Akabane settled into Ban has he let himself be lulled back into a car driving-less Ginji sleep. Ban smiled when he herd the quite breath of his sleeping lover.

‘Poor Kuroudo-kun,’ Ban thought, resting his hand. ‘He’s had a hard day.’

He smiled as he to closed his eyes, sleep claming him almost immediately. They lay sleeping for hours, undisturbed by anything that made noise or moved. But Ban was awoken by a soft pecking at the large glass sliding door of their balcony. Akabane was to worn out by the days earlier incidents to even awaken at the movements of his lover leaving the couch. Ban walked over to the window ready to snakebite it for waking him when all of a sudden he stopped. He held out his hand to trace the smooth, sleek mirror that obstructed his path. He watched as his reflection repeated his actions. He felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end and his right arm twitch. He went to wake Akabane, but stopped when he suddenly became incased in a ball of mirrors, their owner of which finally appeared.

Kagami stood in the center, an evil smile on his face. Ban waited for him to make a move but when nothing happened he spoke.

“What do you want you piece of sh-” Ban froze when Kagami held up a figure to his lips and with his other hand pointed behind Ban.

Ban eyes could have dropped to the floor, there, still sleeping on the couch Akabane lay, only now he had very long and very sharp shards floating around his body, waiting for a single from their master. Kagami gave him a sweet smile and motioned with his hand for Ban to follow, he did without a fight. They walked out onto the balcony and the mirrors disappeared.

“My my, what on earth has the Jackal so worn out that he doesn’t even sense danger.” Kagami cooed softly.

“What do you want?” Ban hissed readying his arm for snakebite.

“I have come baring message to you.” he said taking a seat on the bench that sat outside.

“What?” Ban growled, his body tensing.

“Kuroudo Akabane,” he started. “ Age unknown, job transporter. Old job, field medic in the army. When that went bust he came to Babylon City, then when, as he put it “Got his baring‘s ” left and we had to find a new king.” Kagami said, bitter regret layered his voice during the last statement. “ I was young at the time but I adored the Jackal, he killed without thinking twice, was a leader, a master mind. But then you came along.” he said giving Ban an icy glare. “He’d heard rumor‘s, and diced to take up transporting - so maybe he could meet you in battle. He abandoned the inhabitants of Babylon.” Kagami stopped, regaining his composer. “ Then he finally met you and the Lightning Emperor."

At fist you were enemy’s, and only that. Then after a few jobs together a friendship had somehow managed to bloom in a blood and sin soaked garden.”

Ban was confused. “What does this have to do with the message.”

“Shut up and let me finish my story and you’ll find out.” Kagami stated sharply at Ban, who was taken aback by his sudden outburst. “ Kuroudo-sama was a paragon of perfection, we would have followed him into the most hopeless of battles, and come out the victors. I had looked up to him, I wanted to be Him.” Kagami trailed off, closing his eyes and reliving some memory unknown to Ban. Then he looked to Ban again, his lavender eyes radiating lust, greed and want. But more than all of those, hatred. “Then you came along. You stole what ever chance I had. After your flower of friendship had bloomed completely it was taken to a whole other level. It then sprouted into a bed of roses, a love of two people.” Kagami’s smile was empty, hollow. “You stole everything.” he repeated. “Every tiny chance I had.”

Ban’s eyes widened and his heart skipped a beat with the new found knowledge. “Y-your in love with him.” Ban said in a small voice.

“Like they say, every Eden has it’s snake.” he said turning to watch the sun set. “Midou

Ban I give you one week with your lover, that is all. Then you must come with me to the limitless fortress.” Kagami said.

Ban snorted. “What makes you think I’ll go with you.” Ban said turning to walk away.

“Your hand Midou.” he said turning to look at Ban with a radiant smile.

“What?” Ban said looking at his hand. “ The hell-” he gasped wrapping his left hand around a long shard of mirror that was imbedded in his right hand.

“It’s laced in a poison. It’s not a poison that will inter your blood stream and eventually kill you, it’s a numbing poison. It activates immediately, as soon as it touches the first hair of a persons body. As you’ve found out, you cant fill it. It makes it all to easy to kill.”

“We’ll see how much you fill when your beat into damn the ground!” Ban hissed going after Kagami, but the mirror that suddenly obstructed his path stopped him.

In it he saw his reflection, but that was not what had his attention. No, it was Kuroudo’s that had his eyes locked to the mirror. One of the shards that had been hovering over Akabane was now sticking out of his side, going further and further into his body by the second.

“STOP!” Ban harshly whispered, dragging Kagami from the bench.

Kagami smiled and out came the dagger, dark red dripping from it. Ban knew the wound was healed when he herd the hiss of his lovers recovery, but that brought little relief. Only when Kagami recalled his knifes did Ban fill more secure.

“What do you want!” Ban growled throwing Kagami away from him.

“I want to watch you die, I want to see your heart break right in front of my eyes, I want it ripped from your chest like mine ways.” Kagami said in a menacing voice, no smile painting his face. Only hatred.

Ban gulped. “What, are you going to kill him.”

“Yes,” Kagami said smiling and walking into the living room. “ In a way.”

Ban followed and cut between Akabane’s sleeping form and Kagami.

“What do you mean.” Ban threatened.

“Kuroudo-sama can heal physical wounds, but what about emotional wounds?” Kagami asked stepping past Ban.

“What about it.” Ban barked in a whisper.

“When you leave, his heart will break, he will slowly lose his will to live.” Kagami said sitting at the edge of the couch.

“What,” Ban said going after Kagamis sitting form. “I’m not leaving, but I am going to bust open that sick head of yours.”

Kagami laughed. “Oh Midou you don’t have a choice.” he said sweetly.

“And why’s that?” Ban said grabbing Kagamis neck.

Kagami wasn’t fazed. “Because if you don’t I will kill Kuroudo-sama.”

“Ya right.” Ban said. “Why on earth would I believe you’d kill the man your apparently head over heels in love with.”


Ban instantly regretted his words. Kagami eyes narrowed into slits and a long shard of glass appeared, then shot into Akabane’s chest. Akabanes breathing was interrupted for a moment, but then fell back into it’s usual rhythm. Ban let go of Kagami and backed off, knowing who had the upper hand. Kagami smiled at him, then got up and walked to Akabanes chest. He recalled the shard, the wound hissed and sizzled, and after a moment you couldn’t even tell he’d been stabbed. Apart from the hole in his shirt and the blood staining the white fabric. Kagami watched the process and finally turned to Ban.

“If you do not leave,” he said . “I will kill him.” he sweetly whispered, planting a soft kiss on Akabane‘s forehead.

Ban felt an almost uncontrollable rage enter his chest when Kagami’s lips touched his lovers skin, but he stayed put, not wanting to endanger Akabane anymore than he already had.

Akabane stirred and shifted his position slightly. Kagami stood up and walked toward the balcony.

“You have one week, make it last.” he said disappearing into thin air.


Ban felt the life drain from his body, he swayed for a second but he regained his balance. He looked to Akabane, he was still sleeping. Ban felt like he’d just been sentenced to death. What one earth could he do. Kagami had made it perfectly clear that he would kill Kuroudo if he didn’t comply to his demands, but Akabane. What would happen to him, how could Ban decided. How could he leave the love of his life, but now - how could he stay with him.

Ban’s attention strayed off path when Akabane sat up and looked at him sleepily.

“Midou-kun?” he asked rubbing his eyes. “I’m cold.”

Ban could have burst into tears. “Aw, well why don’t we go to bed?” he said, thankful his voice didn’t sound the way he felt.


Akabane held out his arms, much like a child who wanted to be picked up would. Only Akabane wanted a hug, not to be carried. Ban was always surprised by Akabane’s child like demeanor when he first woke up. It never ceased to be innocent, nor did it ever cease to be cute. Ban somehow managed a smile as he bent down and gave his lover the hug he wanted. Akabane’s sigh was happy and soft, he rested his head in the crook of Ban’s neck and went limp.

“Kuroudo-kun,” Ban laughed. “Come on it’s time for bed.”

Akabane let a moan escape his lips. “I don’t want to get up.” he said pulling Ban back on the couch.


Ban let an exaggerated sigh flow forth as he pulled the large blanket that rested on the back of the couch off. He unfolded it and laid it over top of them. Akabane cuddled up to Ban as close as he could and rested his head on Ban’s arm. Before his eyes shut for slumber he lifted his head and kissed Ban twice, once on the nose and once on the mouth. He smiled sweetly and blinked, his long lashes dusting his pale cheeks.

“I love Midou-kun.” he said softly, then yawned. “Good night.”


Then he went back to his ordinal position and closed his eyes.

Ban’s throat worked to form words. “I love you to Kuroudo-kun.”


He took Akabane in his arms and hugged him to his chest as close as he could. How was he going to do this. How?


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