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Title:  The Jackal Ch.3

Author: A.T108

Rating:  PG (m/m. )

Fandom/Paring: GetBackers,  Ban/Akabane

Warnings/ Spoilers: None

Disclaimer:  I don't own The GetBackers.

Summary:  Ban loves Akabane more than life it’s self and would stay with him until death do they part. Only now he cant. When Ban receives a visit from Kagami, who threatens the life of his lover, what will he do. What can he do. Ban is torn between keeping his lover with him and keeping his lover alive. But little does Kagami know that when you ruin a strictly sound foundation, the clasp of the building is sometimes only the beginning. In this case a once dormant evil is awakened by his tampering, and Akabane can’t yet control it.





Chapter Three

Monday had been a nightmare, Ban couldn't even look at Akabane without having the urge to cry. But he couldn't do that, so he had an alternative, he decided to act out this alternative when Akabane smiled sweetly at him, his lavender eyes shinning with love and innocence. And lack of knowledge, with blindness as to the up coming events. Ban couldn't take it anymore, he had to do something or he was going to explode. Akabane, who was completely clueless, could only stand there and watch as Ban punched holes in different parts of their walls. He stood there and listened as Ban screamed and cursed at nothing and no one.

When Ban had finally run out of steam, he slid down the wall cursing, Akabane slowly walked over to him and sat down beside him. He wrapped an arm around Bans shoulders and stroked the side of his cheek, knowing Ban would eventually talk about it. Ban sat there, he wanted to tell Akabane so badly, he wanted him to know why he was acting like a raving maniac, but he couldn't. He had to lie, Ban wasn't able to bring himself to tell Akabane, Ban wouldn't be able to see his face, his reaction, he couldn't hurt Akabane like that.

Ban cursed himself for being so weak.


Tuesday was a little better, Ban didn't punch anything, but he still couldn't talk to Akabane, he could only hold him close to let him know that he wasn't the cause of this, that Ban wasn't in the least bit mad at him. Akabane understood, and he to stayed quite apart from singing Ban's favorite melodies, Ban's throat would swell every time, and he never could stop the great-full smile that would part his lips. He would sat silently and listen, calming down as he heard the softly versus flow beautifully Akabane's mouth. But when Ban would see Akabanes eyes his heart would sink, they were scared, worried, but trying to hide. Ban's heart would drop, his was causing more problems to top off the very big problem.

He was going to have to try harder, Akabane was worried.


Wednesday Ban was happier with, he was finally able to speak to Akabane, but the words were soft and gentle, not much louder than a whisper. Akabane however didn't mind, Ban cold see in his eyes how happy that it had made him. Ban however felt his heart sink every time he looked at Akabane, he only had four days left with him. Ban's head started hurting, what was he going to do........


Thursday was normal...easy, Ban and Akabane sat around all day watching T.V, and a few movies, then they had supper. Ban had somehow managed to forget that Kagamis threat was still in effect, and Ban ended up throwing up all of his supper when the reality of it came crashing back. Akabane simply sat there and rubbed his back in soothing circles until he was finished, and then he helped him into bed after giving him a glass of water.

Life really was to hard, Ban thought dimly as his eyes shut.


Friday, Ban was heart broken Friday, Akabane had gotten sick with what he believed to be food poisoning. Akabane had clung to him all day throwing up into a thrash can, fighting a fever, and begging him not to leave him alone. He was in and out of consciousness all day and every time he would open his eyes and search for Ban, at one point while Ban had gone to empty the trash can, Akabane had stumbled out of the bed and started yelling for Ban when he couldn't find him.

Ban had run to him, forgetting the trash can and catching Akabane just as he clasped. He stared at Ban who was cursing him with his every breath, but doing so gently and softly.

Ban had to blink back tears when Akabane asked him not to go away.


Saturday.....the before their last. Ban couldn't believe it, one more day with him. One more day. He couldn't or wouldn't believe it. How could he, why would he want to. Ban might as well have been told he was going to die tomorrow.

He wished he was.


Ban woke Sunday with a horrible headache, it pounded with unrelenting viciousness. He felt his head move with each tormenting pulsation of his brain. He groaned and looked over at the quiet sleeping figure beside him. Ban felt his throat swell, tighten, his eyes started stinging. Akabane was never going to be able to understand why he left.

He was laying on his side, one arm resting tucked under a pillow, the other laid on Bans stomach. His face nestled in the fluffy whiteness. His pale skin sparkled against the warm morning rays of sunlight coming through the window. His breathing was light, calm, easy, happy. Ban sat up, softly- so he wouldn't wake his napping lover.

Ban watched as he left the bed, Akabanes brows creased, a troubled expression crossing his face. He let a shaky sigh flow from his mouth and he went into the kitchen. He stopped and stared at the white clad figure sitting on his couch, a smile painting the blonds face.

Ban shifted. “What the hell do you want?” Ban spat.

Kagami's smile widen. “Well hello to you to Midou-san.”

Ban hissed. “Get Out.” His eyes poured with a hate so strong and pure that Kagami was speechless for a moment.

His smile had faded. “Uh,” Kagami said, pausing to shake his head. “I came to give you your hour of depature.”

Bans head cocked, his muscles stiffening. “What?” His voice had lost its venom.

Kagami's smile returned. “Its twelve o'clock sharp.” Kagami said pointing past Ban.

Ban turned and whined when he saw the deathtrap above Akabane. “Why are you doing this?” Ban pleaded.

It was Kagami's turn to cock his head. “What- I told you. I want to watch you die.” He smile sweetly.

Ban threw his hands out before him. “I've been through pure hell this past week! Isn't that enough!” Ban harshly whispered.

Kagami laughed. “Remember twelve o'clock.” He said disappearing.

Ban dropped to his knees, his arms falling limp at his sides. He felt his breath hitch, his chest constrict, his eyes water- sting, unbearably. He turned quickly at the shuffle behind him, Akabane was standing in the doorway, his eyes still heavy with sleep but concern laid floating on the top, fresh and growing. Ban's heart skipped a beat, he strangely wished Akabane had heard their conversation.

Akabane walked up to him and dropped down beside him. “Ban-kun?” He said, he still didn't know.

Ban gulped, so that's why he left so quickly. “Kuroudo...” Ban said, he panicked when his air ways stopped working.

He gasped in and felt hot liquid run down his face. His eyes stinging worse than ever before. He felt himself losing control, his mind racing, wondering why, everything why? His heart was beating to fast, his walls breaking – crumbling to nothingness. His body unable to handle this release.

Ban screamed and fisted his fingers into his hair, pulling and ripping out handfuls of the silken brown strands. His body curled into itself, his tears running faster than any flood. His hands moved from his head to his arms, his nails dung into his skin, ripping and taring though the tanned flesh. Blood driped, making little rivers of red down his arms, running with the lines and groves of his muscles.

Akabane immediately grabbed Bans hands and pulled them away from his arms, and he pushed himself between Ban, who wrapped his arms around him, hugging him to his body almost to hard. Akabane ignored the pain of being crushed and in turn wrapped his arms around Ban as well. Bans body shook and jerked with the overload and he buried his face in Akabane's hair. The black strands clung to his tear streaked face, getting entangled with his lashes. Akabane simply rubbed his back and spoke to him gently, whispering to him that it would be ok, that he was there....that he wasn't going anywhere.

Ban just cried harder and eventually blackness enveloped him.


When Ban finally woke down he found himself completely worn down, there was nothing left. He didn't have any strength physically or emotionally. He just sat against Akabane, his head nestled in his neck, his bright blue eyes blinking the remaining tears away. He breathed in softly, trying to ease the pain in his throat. He felt comforted be the hand that was running up and down his back. He looked around and found it dark. He shot up and stumbled back.

“Akabane! What-how long have I been here!” Ban shouted.

Akabane was still on the floor. “Ban what on earth is the matter with you?” Akabane said standing and taking Bans face in his hands.

Bans breathing was quick. “What time is it!” Ban said jerking his face free.

Akabane sighed and looked at the clock. “Um, eleven fifty-five.”

Ban choked, looking at Akabane. “Oh Akabane, I'm so sorry, I am so sorry!” He said garbbing Akabane to him. “I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.” He repeated.

“Ban whats wrong?” Akabane said. “You act like your about to die.”

“You don't understand, why didn't you wake me up!”

“I- I wanted to let you sleep, you've been so worked up lately.” Akabane defended himself.

“Kuroudo- Kun!” Ban groaned and looked at the clock again, it was now eleven fifty-seven. “Listen to me Akabane, you know I love right?” He said taking beep breaths and calming down.

Akabane cocked his head. “Yes, Ban what-”

Ban was finally in control. “You know how much I love you, right?”

Akabane sighed and sifted his weight onto his left foot. “Yes.”

Ban smiled. “You know I'll always love you, right?” Ban whispered, he had to be strong.

Akabane smiled back. “Yes.”

Bans face was now somber. “You know I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you right?”

Akabanes brows creased, his eyes filling with worry, thin ebony stands falling in his face. “Ban whats wrong, I don't -” He was cut off by Bans mouth.

Ban grabbed Akabanes face and crushed it to his, savoring each second, every taste. He broke off their kiss and looked at Akabane.

“I love more than the world, more than anyone or anything.” He said, slipping his hand around and up Akabanes back.

Akabane looked at Ban worriedly. “Ban I love you to- AH!” He gasped on an intake of breath.

Akabane's eyes rolled back and he fell into Ban, limper than a rag doll. Ban quickly let go of the back of his neck and caught him before he hit the ground. Ban sighed and let the tears roll down his cheeks. He gathered Akabane in his arms and walked into their bedroom, then he laid Akabane down in the bed and tucked him in. When the clock started dinging at twelve Ban leaned down and planted a soft kiss on his lovers lips.

He straightened and picked up his glasses from the nightstand, placing them on his face. He walked from the room closing the door, burning Akabanes sleeping figure into his brain. He didn't look at Kagami when he sensed his presence, he simply walked past him out of their apartment and down the hall. He listened to soft footsteps behind him, wishing they were Akabanes.

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